Harvest Feast

Autumn and Summer hold hands for a while as the warmth lingers into harvest. Ripened fruit and fields a spilling cornucopia filled to the brim. 

Then as Summer takes her leave the time of fall is come. Leaves turn to color as they sweeten and berries glow as jewels ready for gathering in this time of plenty.

A final hastening as Autumn briefly draws in her cloak of russet and gold before she too departs from Winters glittering frosty hand. Time has come for Winters rule.

An elegant and beautiful occasion, ever green linen, paired with glass and elegant white crockery. The linens, glassware, candles and pumpkin tureens from Daylesford home were a perfect match. 

Photography: @ksana881

Cake @editta_ldn 

Food/Flowers/Linen/Candles/Glassware @daylesfordfarm 


Tielle Love Luxury

Baloon bubbles and white gown snuggles. ?

I just loved putting together this event for @tielleloveluxury.

An intro to the perfect linen for a cosy crisp nights sleep, set in one of the suites at the @firmdale_hotels Charlotte Street Hotel. We cosied up in our monochromed gowns and enjoyed mani’s & pedi’s while having copious amounts of champagne. What more can a girl ask for..? 

 Photography: @victoriametaxas


Diptyque Christmas Tea

Nestled between the elegance of Mayfair and the creativity of Soho, the Oscar Wilde Lounge is the space where great minds came together to change the world.

It is in this very room that Oscar Wilde fell in love with Lord Alfred Douglas, Aubrey Beardsley debated with Whistler, David Bowie retired Ziggy Stardust and Mick Jagger, the Beatles and Elizabeth Taylor danced the night away. Dating back to 1865 and formerly known as the Grill Room, the gilded room was renamed in honour of our most famous patron becoming the Oscar Wilde Lounge. Today, this dramatic setting is home to Hotel Café Royal’s award-winning afternoon tea service named the Best Traditional Afternoon Tea in the UK at the Afternoon Tea Awards 2017/18.

A sprinkle of festive magic is added to their traditional afternoon tea service for the holiday season. Created in partnership with Diptyque the festive afternoon menu features notes of Christmas orange, clove, cinnamon, almond and tonka bean to fashion a feast for the senses.

 Aspinal personalized wallets were a delight as each guest found their own.

A candle lit, offering soft hints of fragrance and visual warmth the scent of luxury.

Swarovski spoiled us with festive sparkle to dazzle the eye.

While the sophisticated and delicious Veuve Clicquot supplied us with bottomless bubbles whilst enjoying the spread.

Tables groaning with teatime treats to pretty to eat (well almost) I could not resist but at least hesitated long enough for a pic or two…. you know, the camera always eats first!

Dressed to impress all were a picture to behold.

Thank you to my amazing, wonderful  and ever so beautiful co-host Fern, without whom none of this would’ve been possible…

Photography: Ana Szabo


A Summer Picnic

The “brollies” were down as we spread the blankets and brought out the feast. An abundance of all that was needed generously supplied by our sponsors and then some more.
We feasted all day long into the golden hour as the world turned golden and the sun lowered onto the horizon. The trees in regents park grew taller with their ever lengthening shadows and the park echoed with our chatter. Passersby glanced curiously at this happy occasion, wondering what it was all in aid of…..
Daylesford supplied a cacophony of their organic food from the Marylebone Farm Shop, straight from the Daylesford farm in Gloucestershire. Which also happens to be a personal delight that caters for a blissful visit.
Their cold Léoube Rosé an organic compliment to the food and company.
Franklin & Sons provided the thirst quencher in their beautiful bottles or for those that preferred a non alcoholic drink a fruity alternative.
Peggys Porchen always a winner when you want to have your biscuit/cake/cup cake pretty and eat it. They not only look good but taste good as well.
Pinkster Gin set a sophisticated tone with their Gin. Made with real Raspberries it left us wanting more and tickled PINK.
Peach Blossom provided party plates, crockery, bunting and all the goodies required to make your occasion a picturesque success. Even a picnic needs to be dressed in style!
Moyses Stevens put flowers in the picture with their beautiful arrangement, complementing the colour scheme and providing that touch of sophistication.
Instax were there to capture the moment, putting the picture on paper so to speak. The perfect memory and alternative to the “cellfie” ?
YesTo Skincare a organic solution to caring for your body. A lip mask and coconut stick that will revive the moisture when you’re skin is needing a little love.
Mon Guerlane fragrance, a perfect surprise a perfect gift.
Proper Corn, pops me props, I love pop corn and this one is real. Yes it comes in flavours too, the sweet & salty is my favourite <3
London Grace paints your tips in colours bright and gay, a hard wearing no nonsense varnish.
Say no to plastic water bottles with Swell Bottles and stay chilled while you’re at it.
As the day finally drew to a close we left with a warm sense of satisfaction Fern and I both content at the way our lovely picnic went. Fern with her contribution along with mine and that of our sponsors made for the perfect collaboration.
Until the next time then my lovelies, when we will gather again to further the cause of living the best of days.
Photography: Victoria Metaxas

Galentine’s Day Brunch

Valentine, it conjures romance and love, a time to show the love of your life how much you care. Sadly though for many it’s a grim reminder of the lack of someone to share the love with. It’s on this note that Fern and I decided that there are different loves in this world, the love of a great pair of shoes, the smell of cut grass, the taste of good chocolate, the list is long indeed. Therefore a Galentine celebration, a toast to love in its different forms with like minded friends and fellow bloggers.

Aubaine our host set the scene in French greys, and glass paneled views of the bustling busy of London. With an events room all to ourselves we mingled, ate and chatted to our hearts content as we enjoyed the scrumptious brunch.

The tables were decorated by Peach Blossom in tones of blush, rose gold and confetti balloons, sparkles and trim sufficient to make it a grand Galentine affair.

Flowers by Bloom & Wild for the table and each guest, a perfect compliment to the setting and a reminder of how easy a floral gift can be sent to the one that you care for.

A candle lit, offering soft hints of fragrance and visual warmth the scent of luxury brought to the room by Roja Parfums and then the scented memory takeout with a purse sized perfume for each attendee.

Glasses were raised in celebration with Bloom Gin and Double Dutch Drinks, we sipped away as we mingled and chatted about things of the heart held dear and some.

Monica Vinder clinched friendship new and old with a beautiful bracelet in Rose gold, the perfect accessory to any Galantine…

Papier personalized notebooks were a delight as each guest found their own.

A jar of sweetness from SugarSin did not go amiss sparkling rosè gummies for a special galantines twist.

Charlotte Tilbury put a whisper of Matt rose on everyone’s lips.

As all good things come to an end, when you need to put your hair up after letting it down, Invisibobble have provided the solution.

The day has left a lingering happy glow as we say our goodbyes, Fern has once again delivered her own special ability in making the collaboration a huge success. You are the yin to my yang Fern!

Last but not least, a big thank you to all who have gifted us with goodies for the gals is certainly not amiss. X


A Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea

After the success of our first event another get together was inevitable.

The devil is in the detail for me, I experience life with all five my senses…. this tea ticked each box.

The Sanderson Hotel our fabulous par-tea hosts put up a wondrous spread with beautifully co-ordinated decor taking the “Mad Hatter” theme to a whole new elegant level.

Black and white in the smallest touches thrilled me to bits as it accentuated the pops of colour on the table. The chairs with monochrome faces staring back at me and crockery with split & continuing designs…. curiouser and curiouser Alice said as she walked into the room….

Goodie bags personalised with each guests picture and name printed on the outside, what an amazing way to find your spot! Furthermore with welcome cards themed to suite wonderland has just become so stylish.

Filled with delightful goodies from the lovely PR team at Coty along with Marc Jacobs Frangrances & Philosophy who ever so kindly gifted each guest a limited edition bottle of daisy together with a Pure Grace Body and Fragrance gift set leaving the girls thrilled.

Swarovski spoiled us with festive sparkle to dazzle the eye as accessories that add the finishing touch to many an instagram outfit.

With the kind folks at Invisibobble gracing us their ever fitting Alice in Wonderland themed Christmas crackers – the original traceless hair tie for getting those party locks up and styled.

While the sophisticated and delicious Caorunn Gin put “the G in the T” & Franklin and Sons put in the T into the mix as we sipped our G&T whilst enjoying the spread.

Decorations from House of Brissi brought Christmas to wonderland.

Pampered by the Konjac Sponge Company with their 100% Natural Vegan exfoliating facial sponges & Santorus London with their stylish quirky note books made a perfect gift for recording thoughts and things, we where truly spoiled…

Tables groaning with teatime treats to pretty to eat (well almost) I could not resist but at least hesitated long enough for a pic or two…. you know, the camera always eats first!

Dressed to the pretty nines all were a picture to behold, truth be told, this tea party has got to be the mostest, marvellous, perfectly Wonderlandish tea ever!!

Thank you to my amazing, wonderful  and ever so beautiful co-host Fern, without whom none of this would’ve been possible…

A special thank you to my Wonderful Co-Host Fern

Photography: Alexanda Belova-Polyak


A Picnic In The Park

Serendipity…… serendipitous…..such a beautiful and descriptive word. That’s how Fern and I met when we decided to host this event together. Now you need to understand that I am a control freak of note and seldom do events with others and even more so considering that we hardly knew each other. But it was a fortunate collaboration and we would not have achieved the measure of success without each other. We made a great team and complimented one another beautifully. I look forward to doing another again in the not so distant future.

As summer has departed to the south,  a few beautiful balmy days before the cold sets in was very welcome. Mother Nature charmed us with one of those on the picnic date. The brollies stayed shut  as we spread out our blankets and brought out the feast, an abundance of all things that any good picnic needs was supplied by our sponsors. We feasted all day into the golden hour where the world glows as the sun drops into the horizon. The trees in regents park grew taller with their ever lengthening shadow as the park echoed with the murmur of chatter, passers by glanced curiously at this happy occasion and wondered what it was all in aid of….

Myne Hause, contributed to the setting, color co-ordinating every detail down to the flowers and picnic blankets, making the event eye catching as well as creating the perfect “look” that bloggers want to photograph.

Dalesford supplied cacophony of breads and amazing true organic foods from their West London store straight from the Dalesford farm in Gloucestershire. Which also happens to be one of my favorite personal Sunday visits.

Lola’s Cup Cakes sated the sweet tooth to a generous degree and added the pretty to our spread. Very soon they were gone as everyone rushed to enjoy them!

The sophisticated and delicious Caorunn Gin put “the G in the T”  whilst Franklin and Sons put in the T into the mix as we sipped our G&T whilst enjoying the spread, having a #CaorunnMoment.

Cold Ciders from Stassen gave a posh bubble, we clinked our glasses or bottle in some cases… celebrating “la vie” whilst savoring  each moment.

Firefly non alcoholic mock-tails in beautiful bottles quenched our thirst as well as offering an interesting option for those that don’t drink alcohol or that needed a break from the stronger stuff. It doesn’t just look good it tastes good too… 

Hello party for props and blogger bunting even a picnic in the park needs a prop or two and the bunting fluttering in the breeze added another dimension to the picnic picture.

Jessops photography encouraged bloggers to take that special pic that might just go viral, you never know it could make you famous. Happy snappers were vying for the best pic “trophy”.

As the perfect day started to fade  we requested our trusty Uber, picnic remnants in tow as the driver patiently helped us load the bits and bobs and headed back home. The best way to get to & from the party, just make your request and they will find you wherever you are and take you any which way…

Photography: Alexanda Belova-Polyak