A Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea

After the success of our first event another get together was inevitable.

The devil is in the detail for me, I experience life with all five my senses…. this tea ticked each box.

The Sanderson Hotel our fabulous par-tea hosts put up a wondrous spread with beautifully co-ordinated decor taking the “Mad Hatter” theme to a whole new elegant level.

Black and white in the smallest touches thrilled me to bits as it accentuated the pops of colour on the table. The chairs with monochrome faces staring back at me and crockery with split & continuing designs…. curiouser and curiouser Alice said as she walked into the room….

Goodie bags personalised with each guests picture and name printed on the outside, what an amazing way to find your spot! Furthermore with welcome cards themed to suite wonderland has just become so stylish.

Filled with delightful goodies from the lovely PR team at Coty along with Marc Jacobs Frangrances & Philosophy who ever so kindly gifted each guest a limited edition bottle of daisy together with a Pure Grace Body and Fragrance gift set leaving the girls thrilled.

Swarovski spoiled us with festive sparkle to dazzle the eye as accessories that add the finishing touch to many an instagram outfit.

With the kind folks at Invisibobble gracing us their ever fitting Alice in Wonderland themed Christmas crackers – the original traceless hair tie for getting those party locks up and styled.

While the sophisticated and delicious Caorunn Gin put “the G in the T” & Franklin and Sons put in the T into the mix as we sipped our G&T whilst enjoying the spread.

Decorations from House of Brissi brought Christmas to wonderland.

Pampered by the Konjac Sponge Company with their 100% Natural Vegan exfoliating facial sponges & Santorus London with their stylish quirky note books made a perfect gift for recording thoughts and things, we where truly spoiled…

Tables groaning with teatime treats to pretty to eat (well almost) I could not resist but at least hesitated long enough for a pic or two…. you know, the camera always eats first!

Dressed to the pretty nines all were a picture to behold, truth be told, this tea party has got to be the mostest, marvellous, perfectly Wonderlandish tea ever!!

Thank you to my amazing, wonderful  and ever so beautiful co-host Fern, without whom none of this would’ve been possible…

A special thank you to my Wonderful Co-Host Fern

Photography: Alexanda Belova-Polyak

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