A Picnic In The Park

Serendipity…… serendipitous…..such a beautiful and descriptive word. That’s how Fern and I met when we decided to host this event together. Now you need to understand that I am a control freak of note and seldom do events with others and even more so considering that we hardly knew each other. But it was a fortunate collaboration and we would not have achieved the measure of success without each other. We made a great team and complimented one another beautifully. I look forward to doing another again in the not so distant future.

As summer has departed to the south,  a few beautiful balmy days before the cold sets in was very welcome. Mother Nature charmed us with one of those on the picnic date. The brollies stayed shut  as we spread out our blankets and brought out the feast, an abundance of all things that any good picnic needs was supplied by our sponsors. We feasted all day into the golden hour where the world glows as the sun drops into the horizon. The trees in regents park grew taller with their ever lengthening shadow as the park echoed with the murmur of chatter, passers by glanced curiously at this happy occasion and wondered what it was all in aid of….

Myne Hause, contributed to the setting, color co-ordinating every detail down to the flowers and picnic blankets, making the event eye catching as well as creating the perfect “look” that bloggers want to photograph.

Dalesford supplied cacophony of breads and amazing true organic foods from their West London store straight from the Dalesford farm in Gloucestershire. Which also happens to be one of my favorite personal Sunday visits.

Lola’s Cup Cakes sated the sweet tooth to a generous degree and added the pretty to our spread. Very soon they were gone as everyone rushed to enjoy them!

The sophisticated and delicious Caorunn Gin put “the G in the T”  whilst Franklin and Sons put in the T into the mix as we sipped our G&T whilst enjoying the spread, having a #CaorunnMoment.

Cold Ciders from Stassen gave a posh bubble, we clinked our glasses or bottle in some cases… celebrating “la vie” whilst savoring  each moment.

Firefly non alcoholic mock-tails in beautiful bottles quenched our thirst as well as offering an interesting option for those that don’t drink alcohol or that needed a break from the stronger stuff. It doesn’t just look good it tastes good too… 

Hello party for props and blogger bunting even a picnic in the park needs a prop or two and the bunting fluttering in the breeze added another dimension to the picnic picture.

Jessops photography encouraged bloggers to take that special pic that might just go viral, you never know it could make you famous. Happy snappers were vying for the best pic “trophy”.

As the perfect day started to fade  we requested our trusty Uber, picnic remnants in tow as the driver patiently helped us load the bits and bobs and headed back home. The best way to get to & from the party, just make your request and they will find you wherever you are and take you any which way…

Photography: Alexanda Belova-Polyak