A Summer Picnic

The “brollies” were down as we spread the blankets and brought out the feast. An abundance of all that was needed generously supplied by our sponsors and then some more.
We feasted all day long into the golden hour as the world turned golden and the sun lowered onto the horizon. The trees in regents park grew taller with their ever lengthening shadows and the park echoed with our chatter. Passersby glanced curiously at this happy occasion, wondering what it was all in aid of…..
Daylesford supplied a cacophony of their organic food from the Marylebone Farm Shop, straight from the Daylesford farm in Gloucestershire. Which also happens to be a personal delight that caters for a blissful visit.
Their cold Léoube Rosé an organic compliment to the food and company.
Franklin & Sons provided the thirst quencher in their beautiful bottles or for those that preferred a non alcoholic drink a fruity alternative.
Peggys Porchen always a winner when you want to have your biscuit/cake/cup cake pretty and eat it. They not only look good but taste good as well.
Pinkster Gin set a sophisticated tone with their Gin. Made with real Raspberries it left us wanting more and tickled PINK.
Peach Blossom provided party plates, crockery, bunting and all the goodies required to make your occasion a picturesque success. Even a picnic needs to be dressed in style!
Moyses Stevens put flowers in the picture with their beautiful arrangement, complementing the colour scheme and providing that touch of sophistication.
Instax were there to capture the moment, putting the picture on paper so to speak. The perfect memory and alternative to the “cellfie” ?
YesTo Skincare a organic solution to caring for your body. A lip mask and coconut stick that will revive the moisture when you’re skin is needing a little love.
Mon Guerlane fragrance, a perfect surprise a perfect gift.
Proper Corn, pops me props, I love pop corn and this one is real. Yes it comes in flavours too, the sweet & salty is my favourite <3
London Grace paints your tips in colours bright and gay, a hard wearing no nonsense varnish.
Say no to plastic water bottles with Swell Bottles and stay chilled while you’re at it.
As the day finally drew to a close we left with a warm sense of satisfaction Fern and I both content at the way our lovely picnic went. Fern with her contribution along with mine and that of our sponsors made for the perfect collaboration.
Until the next time then my lovelies, when we will gather again to further the cause of living the best of days.
Photography: Victoria Metaxas

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