Joining The Trinny Tribe

Funny how life works, isn’t it.

Growing up in South Africa beautiful though it may be it has very limited opportunities for a young girl from the “suburbs”.. As children we are told to dream but once verbalised they were quickly shot down with a patronising admonitions to be realistic. . To aspire, but limit our expectation and ultimately except that your life will comprise of finishing school so that you can go to university, get a decent 9-5 job, get married, have children, retire and ultimately die. Society has placed us in boxes. It’s our decision to conform or create our own destiny.


Fast forward 5 years and I’m sharing beauty tips with THE vivacious and beautiful TRINNY Woodall, over dinner at her South Kensington HQ in London, living a life of endless possibilities refusing to allow anyone else to determine what my future should be.

We so often place things in boxes complying to the perception of how things should and shouldn’t be, reluctant to change or challenge ideas be it in life, fashion or even beauty.


Fortunately we live in a ever changing world, where conventional norms are challenged and we strive for enlightenment, so shouldn’t this apply to our beauty products as well?

Que, Trinny London, breaking the beauty mould and causing quite a stir. Creating an entirely cream based collection, “stacked” in tiny click- together pots and applied with your fingers. Gone are the heavy cumbersome jars, tubes and bottles that clutter our bags and dressing table drawers. Available online only but simple enough to choose the correct shade with their clever Match2Me tool based on your skin, hair & eye colour.


Ranging between £18 and £35 the product is pretty well priced, my favourite product has to be their BFF SKIN PERFECTER – after using it for well over a month I have found it perfect for that dewy no foundation look. It’s my and soon to be your “Best Face Friend, Best Fab Find & Best Freekin’ Face cream ever…..


Housed in a tube with a tiny T-pot to decant as you wish and clicked into your stack at £35.00 it’s worth every penny and has firmly made me part of the #TrinnyTribe


Some other favourites include their GOLDEN GLOW in SOALA (meant as a bronzer – I use it as a contour cream as well) + their magical multi-tasker LIP2CHEEK in PHOEBE all available at