Speyburn St Andrew’s Day Feast

Sipping a Single Malt Scotch Whisky at the Speyburn St Andrew’s Day feast it brought back memories of misty mountains, mirror smooth lochs reflecting a parallel world that stretched for miles without a soul in sight.

Certainly worth raising my glass and taking a few drams for, which I might add contains three scruples….the dram that is, trusting I have a few more.

It all went down on Thursday 30th November in a former furniture warehouse in Brixton, albeit not in fair Scotland nevertheless we feasted on hearty fare that captured the flavour of Speyside, a part of Scotland and home to an area synonymous with whisky.

After a welcome cocktail on arrival, each course was paired with a dram and a chance to speak to the experts at Speyburn should you be inclined to bring out the inner whisky buff.

We feasted on Kedgeree with Smoked Speyside Salmon & Scotch Egg, an epic Connage Dunlop Cheese Fondue with Air-Dried Scottish Ham, Fennel Salami, Rye Crouton & Pickles, carve-at-the-table Saddle of Highland Lamb and Sticky Toffee Tart with Toasted Barley Ice Cream & Salted Whisky Butterscotch at big communal tables with party vibes and seriously good whisky of which I now am better acquainted.

Needless to add, I outdid myself on all levels and have now started the festive spiral into gluttony!

A whisky wish of good tidings and joy to all…..Sláinte!