Stassen Winter Garden Party

A festive air with Cidrerie Stassen sparkling in fluted glasses, I sat there tucked into cosy fur covered chairs and wondered at “la belle vie” and the ingredients that make life so beautiful.

It’s moments like these, privileged as I am to sit on the beautiful Dalloway Terrace sipping the rosé and then the blanc. Undecided as to which one I preferred, I nibble at the charcuterie board whilst watching the masterclass led by award winning Belgian chef Jean-Philippe Watteyne on things that make a perfect compliment of charcuterie.

The contemporary chutney workshop held by the queen of chutney Kylee Newton furthermore added to this glow of wellbeing. I silently vowed to collect those apples back at Home Farm and give mademoiselle Newton a run for her money on cooking chutney, but only after buying her book just to make sure I get it right. Waste not, want not….

That said the bottles of Newton & Pott were the perfect compliment to the Winter themed celebration held by Cidrerie Stassen.

The Stassen Cidrerie Brut and the Stassen Cidrerie Cuvée Rosé has left me undecided as each had their own charm and I imagined pairing them with a number of foods.

A certain winner on any table or occasion, presented in 750ml champagne-style bottles cork and all. The distinctive red fleshed apple from the Aubel Valley in Eastern Belgium inviting me to take another sip……

(warning: serve in fluted glass, it’s to sublime to have in any other way)

All images by the super talented Fresh Heather Team!